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The Start to Sales
E-Commerce Blueprint

Sick to death of googling 'how to start an online store' but still getting no where.

You want a straight forward action plan to get you to your goals... fast.



Working a normal 9-5 job for someone else, knowing that you're meant for something more. Something bigger.

Knowing you're not willing to live just an 'average' life.



To finally build something that is all yours. 

To create something that opens up opportunity for uncapped financial growth & entrepreneurial freedom.



You know in your gut that you want to launch an e-commerce store but you just need someone to guide you through the next steps to take. You're determined... but a little confused.

You've been searching all over the internet for 'How to start an online store', but for some reason the steps just aren't clear. You just want someone to show you exactly what to do and how to do it step by step. 

You can feel that you're ready to step into that role of e-commerce entrepreneur but just need some guidance to get the wheels rolling. 

i'm no psychic, but I bet I know how you're currently feeling...
(because i've been there too)

I know how you're feeling...


I've been exactly where you are now

But here's thing...

find a winning product to sell online,

set up your business foundations for success,

build a beautiful & functional online storefront

& market your product to your dream audience

... with ease!

and I felt confused and overwhelmed AF too!

But after years of experience building my own online brands, I realised that it didn't have to be so hard. There is a formula to all of this.

 What if you could....

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the only course you will ever need to launch your own online store, the right way!

The Start to Sales
E-Commerce Blueprint

Insert your new bff...

Be able to confidently identify winning products with profit potential.

after completing this course, you'll...

Have the tools to communicate & negotiate with international suppliers to source products.

Know how to legally set up your business for success and manage your finances effectively.

Create a strong brand that aligns with your target audience and stands out from competitors.

Be equipped with the tech knowledge to build a beautiful & functional online storefront.

Obtain the marketing know-how you need to convert your first customers and grow your brand.

Take a sneak peak inside the course

Discover exactly what you'll learn:

Where to source products to sell.
How to find products on Alibaba.
What to look for in a winning product.
How to communicate with suppliers (copy & paste script included).
How to compare suppliers before making a purchase.
Where to find packaging supplies.

how to source products to sell online

bonus module

module four

module three

module two

module one

How to price your products to make profit (calculator included).
How to legally register your business.
How to set up your business finances.
What email & cloud storage platform to use. 
Step-by-step process to effectively develop your stores visual & non visual branding.

how to set up your business

bonus module

module four

module three

module two

module one

How to open a Shopify store.
Where to purchase a custom domain & how to link it to your online store.
How to set up your payment methods & sales channels.
How to set up your shipping options.
How to create those lengthy legal pages in a few clicks.
How to design your store so it looks beautiful & is highly functional.

building your online store front

bonus module

module four

module three

module two

module one

The best Shopify plugins to improve your store & boost conversions.
How to create stand out graphic design content with ease.
Crucial weekly marketing tasks to complete. 
Ideas for viral Tik Tok & Reels content.
How to use the custom marketing tracker to keep tabs on your stores performance.
Plus more topics inside!

get started marketing your store

bonus module

module four

module three

module two

module one

Which programs to use to set up your dropshipping store.
How to find & import products into your store to sell.
How to make your images look pretty & remove stock watermarks.
How to set up your back end settings for dropshipping capabilities.
How to send orders to the supplier to be dispatched.

building a dropshipping store

bonus module

module four

module three

module two

module one

valued at $197

How to start a dropshipping store Bonus module


valued at $297


valued at $129

The All-In-One biz dashboard & launch checklist (trello board)


But wait, that's not all!

Getting Started with paid ads bonus module

You'll also gain exclusive access to these bonuses

That's over $623 in bonuses for free! 🤯

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Are you ready to start building your own e-commerce empire?

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richelle townsend blueprint student

"I actually don't think id be able to start this business without the help of your course. Everything i could possibly need is right there in the course for me. I cant believe how detailed it is and i'm so grateful that i stumbled across your podcast. I look forward to continuing to learn from this course"

kind words

words from students

After creating 4 successful (and a few not-so-succesful) e-commerce businesses by the age of 24, I decided to sell up (the businesses that is) and go all in on creating a platform dedicated to helping women launch their very own online stores without all the complicated jargon and overwhelming sales tactics.

I consider myself the anti "e-com guru". No hired Ferari's or scammy 'get rich quick' schemes here my friend.

Just real and raw tips and strategies that I've learnt from my own experiences, and now I want to share them all with YOU!

Hi I'm Emily.
i'm your e-commerce blueprint teacher, a PODCAST HOST & CHAMPAGNE LOVER. 🥂

Meet your teacher

and now i'm sharing my trialled and tested e-commerce formula with you to help you achieve the e-commerce success that you daydream about

Build & operate multiple succesful e-commerce brands by the age of 24 while still studying at university. 

Hit 6 figures in revenue within 12 months.

Be featured in Style magazine.

All whilst still living my life, enjoying the process & not being a slave to my businesses. 

by using the same formula that i teach inside the blueprint, i was able to....

This course if specifically designed to be an actionable blueprint to get you out of procrastinating and into action so that you can actually hit that launch day checkpoint as quickly as possible (not just be stuck 'working on it' forever).

Imagine popping that first bottle of Champagne when you finally launch your own online store! 🍾

And now it's your turn!

The Start to Sales E-Commerce Blueprint isn't 'just another e-com course'...

Any course will teach you how to build an online store but I want to make sure that you're building your business with the right foundations in place so you can succeed long term.

It's the only e-commerce course with a module dedicated to setting up your business foundations the right way.

After years of building an operating my own e-commerce businesses, I know exactly what you need to succeed and that's exactly what I've included inside this course.

The real practical stuff that will actually help you to thrive, not just the 'fluffy theory'.

the content inside this course is based specifically on my own experience in the e-com industry and the things that i know you need to succeed

Inside you'll find a range of spreadsheets, templates and copy and paste scripts that I used within my own businesses. 

Ready for you to use them within your own business.

save yourself hours of time &  Steal the exact resources & templates that i used within my own businesses



It certainly will.

The course is designed to take you through the whole process from from finding a product to selling the product.

Module 1 is all about finding & sourcing a product so that won't apply to you but the rest will. 

It's still good knowledge to have in case you want to start another store in the future.

I want to hand make my products. will this course still apply?


You might be wondering....

your questions answered

No, all the content is pre-recorded so you can work through it at your own pace. 

You will have lifetime access to the content and any updates. 

Will you be teaching the course weekly?

No, it won't.

This course is designed to guide students through the foundational stages of building an online store and launching it. 

There is no content targeted towards marketing & scaling an existing store.

Will this help me if I already have an online store?




Yes it does in the bonus module.

However, this isn't a course specifically targeted towards drop shipping. 

Students can choose whether they want to source products from wholesalers, custom manufacturers, dropshipping or handmade products. The same lessons apply to all options. 

does this course cover dropshipping?

The course is completely self paced so you can work through it as quickly or slowly as you like.

If you're serious about getting started you could complete the content within a week & begin implementing the launch steps as you learn.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

No, not particularly.

Whilst there is an in depth marketing module in this course, the primary aim of the program is to guide you through the launching & starting phases of an ecom business.

BUT I will have an incredible program to help you scale & accelerate your brand released by the end of the year - keep your eyes peeled.

Will this help me scale my existing e-commerce brand?

You don't yet have a product to sell but you're eager to learn how to find a winning product that you can build a strong brand around.

You're willing to invest time & effort to build the foundations of your business properly for long term success. 

You want to learn the exact blueprint I have used to build multiple successful e-commerce stores. Ps. You can learn & replicate the same blueprint too.

This course is the perfect fit for you if...

If this sounds like you, it's time to stop procrastinating & get started!

join now!

If you join the blueprint & genuinely don't believe the content inside will teach you how to start an online store, I will give you a 100% refund.

The only catch is that it can only be within 5 days of purchase.

You simply need to send me an email and I will refund your payment, no questions asked! 😁

After Completing the start to sales e-commerce blueprint

and because i'm so certain, i'll make you a promise...

You'll have all the tools you'll ever need to launch your own e-commerce business

So, are you ready to  finally start building your own e-commerce empire?

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Join now & Save


one-time payment of

Best Value

Save $150 (normally $699)


three easy payments of

Save $150 (normally 3 x $260)