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How to Launch an Online Store (Without Confusion or Tech Overwhelm)

for those ready to launch their own e-commerce brand from scratch, without procrastination or tech overwhelm, so that they can start selling sooner, with ease. 


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The Start to Sales
E-Commerce Blueprint

You feel a little piece of your soul die every time you step into your boring 9-5 job because you know that your real calling is running your own online business, not working in someone else’s.


But what you do need is determination to make it happen.

And the rest? Well that's what i'm here for.

To show you the exact steps you need to take to launch your own e-commerce brand from scratch.

let me ask you - does this sound familiar?


You don’t need a business degree or advanced tech skills to start a successful e-commerce business.

Starting an online store has been on your mind (and on your to do list) for far too long, but every time you go to get started… you just have no idea where to even begin. 



You’re sick of procrastinating and know that now is the time to take action but you need some accountability and motivation to get the ball rolling. 


but what if i told you

Well guess what - it IS possible for you! 

BUT you need to start somewhere - building & launching your online store.

How do I know this? Because this is exactly what I was able to achieve in my own e-commerce businesses and what I’ve seen my students achieve after building their own online stores, following the framework taught inside The Start to Sales E-Commerce Blueprint.

Building a stand out e-commerce brand, with rock solid foundations that’ll continue to succeed and grow for years to come. 

Ditching your unfulfilling 9-5 to work on your own business full time, where you have the freedom to attend a 9am pilates class and your uniform policy consists of your favourite loungewear set.

Making enough profit to pay yourself a very healthy looking wage (BONUS points: you actually enjoy what you do every day).

Building a cult-like community of raving fans that adore your product and brand, and feel more like a family than regular ol’ customers.

By 24 years old I had started, scaled and sold 4 successful e-commerce businesses.

After creating 4 successful (and a few not-so-succesful) e-commerce businesses by the age of 24, I decided to sell up (the businesses that is) and go all in on creating a platform dedicated to helping women launch their very own online stores without all the complicated jargon and overwhelming sales tactics.

Hi I'm Emily.
i'm your blueprint teacher,


I consider myself the anti "e-com guru". No hired Ferari's or scammy 'get rich quick' schemes here my friend.

Just real and raw tips and strategies that I've learnt from my own experiences, and now I want to share them all with YOU!

I'm ready - join now!

An all-inclusive, step-by-step roadmap for launching your online store, from scratch, so that you can ditch your soul draining 9-5 and go all in on building your own e-commerce empire.

Insert your new bff...

The Start to Sales
E-Commerce Blueprint

It’s a program that literally hands you the exact step-by-step, here's-how-do-it roadmap to starting your own online store from scratch. Including all the insider tips that you can only learn from experience.

the start to sales e-commerce blueprint ISN'T JUST YOUR REGULAR (BORING AF) ONLINE COURSE. INSTEAD...

It’s packed with a suite of ready-to-use templates that will streamline and transform the way you start and run your new business, because we’re all about practicality and implementation, without the unnecessary ‘fluff’.

It provides you with all of the detailed tech tutorials that you need to bring your vision to life online (with ease too).

SIMPLE - YOU FOLLOW the start to sales FRAMEWORK!


Find & source a winning product to sell online and establish your rock solid foundations by creating a stand out brand and legally registering your business.


Create your online storefront, with a focus on beautiful design that converts visitors into customers and a high functioning back end system that makes running your store a breeze.

PHASE 2: Build

Start building your brands presence on social media to attract a community of perfect fit, ready to buy customers. 

PHASE 3: Boost

Take a sneak peak inside the course


Gain a full understanding of the product sourcing process & the steps involved.

Discover exactly where & how to source products to sell online.

Learn how to communicate with suppliers to score the best deals when product sourcing.

Create a stand out unboxing experience with my curated list of packaging suppliers.

find & source a product to sell

phase 1

phase 1a

phase 2

phase 3

Get legitimate by legally registering your business & securing your business assets.

Set up your finances & start tracking & analysing your numbers from day one.

Establish a seamless product shipping process.

Create a stand out visual & non visual brand that attracts your perfect fit customers.

lay your business foundations

Phase 1

phase 1a

phase 2

phase 3

Open your online storefront & set up your back end systems using Shopify.

Create a visually appealing website that's optimised to convert visitors into customers with ease.

Discover the best suite of tools & apps to amplify your store's visual appeal and performance.

No advanced tech skills required! 🙌

build your online store

Phase 1

Phase 1a

phase 2

phase 3

Create stand out graphic design content that can be used across all of your marketing.

Bring in sales on day 1 by building a warm audience before you even launch.

Expand your reach & get in front of perfect fit customers with viral video content.

Establish a 'covers-all-bases' weekly marketing routine.

marketing & launching your brand

Phase 1

phase 1a

phase 2

phase 3


valued at $499


valued at $299

extra mini course:
email marketing 101
for e-commerce


You'll also get these exclusive bonuses as well!

That's $1,397+ worth of bonuses for free! 🤯

But that's not all...

Learn exactly how to set up your email marketing systems and funnels, so that you can nurture you audience and start making sales on auto pilot. 

extra mini course:
Getting started with paid ads

Take the complication out of running paid ads - learn exactly how to set up and optimise your paid ads platform and get your first ads up and running. 

The Ultimate All-In-One Business Dashboard

Get access to the exact Notion dashboard that I use to organize and run my entire business from the one spot.

valued at $599

plus, you'll also receive:

An EXTRA BONUS when you pay in full;
7 x Copywriter approved plug & play product description templates.

A suite of actionable ready-to-use templates, including;

The Complete E-Commerce Launch Checklist, Copy & Paste Supplier Communication Script, Detailed Supplier Comparison Spreadsheet, Monthly Finance & Data Tracking Spreadsheet,  Weekly Social Content Checklist & Viral Video Planner and more!

And a catalogue of detailed tech tutorials that make setting up your online store a breeze.

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An easy budget friendly payment plan


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LEt's launch your online store

student feedback

It's time to stop putting it off & get started.
 And this course delivers the step-by-step, here’s-exactly-how-you-do-it roadmap to get you there, in a way that actually feels flowy & enjoyable.

Imagine popping that bottle of Champagne when you finally launch your online store! 🍾

And now it's your turn!



The Blueprint is the perfect fit for IF:

You have NOT yet started an e-commerce business.
You want to know exactly how to find a winning product, create a stand out brand, set up your business foundations, build a high converting website and launch it.
You’re ready to take action and actually make it happen.

is this course actually right for me?


You might be wondering....

your questions answered

It does - there is a bonus module inside the course dedicated to the drop shipping tech setup.

Keep in mind that most of the content inside the course is applicable to all methods of sourcing and order fulfilment (drop shipping, print on demand, manually sending stock etc), so no matter which option you choose the course will be valuable for you.

does this course cover dropshipping?

The Blueprint is a self paced & self guided course, which means you work through it at your own pace on your own (there are no coaching calls or attendance required). 

However, if you do have any questions while completing the course, you can email or DM me.

Will you be available to reach out to?




Send your question to me via Instagram DM @theecommercedropout and I will get back to you ASAP with an answer.

I have another question not listed here…

No. The content within this course is very high level and took a long time to create from scratch. Due to the digital nature of the program, you will be given access to all materials once you’ve purchased, therefore we do not offer refunds under any circumstances.

Do you offer refunds?

The monthly payment plan option is a great way to get started now for a super low investment of only $270 up front.

And as you progress through the course and launch your online store, you’ll be making back your investment, plus way more, in no time.

I don’t think I can afford it…

It WON’T teach you some gimmicky “make-a-million-dollars-today strategy” (that doesn’t actually work). And it WON’T teach you a heap of useless fluff that’s just going to waste your time. 

Instead? It’ll deliver you with an actionable step-by-step roadmap for launching your own online store from scratch, so that you can take fast action and start selling sooner. 

I’m NOT promising you that you’ll make *insert some ridiculously unachievable revenue goal here* within the first week of launching.

But I AM promising you the tools and strategies that I know are required to build an online store with rock solid foundations that will be around for many more years. 

You know the kind of business that will let you leave your soul draining 9-5 and continue to grow with you and make you a lot of money and provide you with a lot of freedom well into the future?

The Start to Sales E-Commerce Blueprint is not your average e-com course.

i'm ready to get started!

Hey, I see you down here! 👀

If you’re still reading right to the bottom of the page i’m guessing that you’re ready to jump on board and join the blueprint and you know how transformational it’ll be for you but something is holding you back…

And that ‘something’ is probably self doubt (something I used to experience all the time when it came to investing in myself).

If i’m ever feel scared to make an investment I ask myself - where will I be in a year if I don’t make this decision? And spoiler alert - it’s never where I want to be, unless I pull the trigger and do the thing.

So I encourage you to ask yourself the same thing. Because I know you’re more than capable of making it happen, now it’s time for you to believe that as well.

Let’s do this!

So, are you ready to claim your bonuses & start your own e-commerce business?

Join now!

An easy budget friendly payment plan


four monthly payments of


Join now!

Save $83 when you pay in full


one-time payment of

Best Value

(psst. when you pay in full you'll also receive an extra bonus - 
7 x Copy & Paste Product Description Templates)